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Re: Who Do You Think is Hotter? :D

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It's either Kira or Janeway who are hotter, mind you I have a thing for older women.
I like older women, but Mulgrew reminded me of my chain-smoking Grandma. I'm not hot or cold on Nana Visitor, I guess she'd do if I was desperate for some affection.
I'm not with you on Kate. I love her voice. She has a distinctive voice. Kind of like how Jessica Lange me at least. But I'm a Kate fan, so...
I thought she was attractive on VOY. Especially in Killing Game and Year of Hell.

As for Nana, I had a boyfriend who thought Nana Visitor as Kira was the hottest person in Trek. I think she is very attractive too. So is Terry Farrell, I think. Kira had a more cute look though.
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