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Re: NFL 2013 Off-Season Discussion

Thought we were done with that media-created nonsense? Tough to claim high ground when like 3 posts ago you're ragging on people for not dropping it, but YOU are bringing it back up.

And if anyone is cut for not being a saint, only going to have enough players to field maybe 2 teams. Nice when they ARE perfect role models, but not what they're being paid for.

Why would you cut a cheap, productive player? At least wait to see how the situation shakes out, it's not like it was murder, when it's obvious you have to distance yourself, and he's not coming back anyway. If Dennard ends up having to do his 30 days in jail immediately, or gets a little more, why not wait it out, and restructure his contract to put his money more on the line for future mistakes?

Something like 40 arrests since the Superbowl, not all of them resulted in cutting the player (only a very few did, and mostly on marginal players anyway), dumb to have that kneejerk reaction.

Obviously terrible timing, but don't paint him out to be Hernandez's getaway driver just because it happened the same month...
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