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Re: Random Thoughts After a TOS Marathon

Watching Star Trek with the kids is a great experience! I hope you get them hooked.

When I did a similar thing to what you're doing, a few things that jumped out at me were :
  • I couldn't believe how GREEN the corridors, uniforms etc were. Green must be the first thing that gets washed out as film deteriorates or something.
  • Sulu was hardly in the show at all.
  • The approaches of the various producers were so different, it was like four different shows across three seasons.
  • DeForest Kelley and Leonard Nimoy were the real stars of that show (sorry Shat-fans).
Must do a block-run of TOS again soon. Kids are heavily into Next Gen at the moment, and it's a wrestle to get the remote.

Keep posting your thoughts as you go.
"Sometimes I get the feeling the only way we could achieve a STAR TREK segment on budget would be to have 60 minutes of Mr. Spock playing kazoo solo as Captain Kirk holds him in his arms while standing in a telephone booth."
Bob Justman, 1967.
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