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Re: Vorik the Ponfarr Vulcan

I have always liked Vorik, particularly in his conversation with Neelix in the episode "Fair Trade".

NEELIX: Good evening, Ensign.
VORIK: Mister Neelix.
NEELIX: I thought I'd log a little time in the Jefferies tubes, if that's all right.
VORIK: I was unaware you were officially on an engineering work detail.
NEELIX: Oh, it's not official, not at all, but Lieutenant Torres has been good enough to allow me to poke around here and there. As time permits of course.
VORIK: She has mentioned your desire to become familiar with Starfleet engineering protocols. I see no reason why you can't proceed.
NEELIX: Thank you. Ensign Vorik?
VORIK: Yes, Mister Neelix?
NEELIX: You're quite young. Is it difficult for you being so far away from everything that's familiar?
VORIK: Had I been given the choice, I might not have chosen to explore the Delta Quadrant. However, since we are here, I must say the challenges are intriguing.
NEELIX: Voyager is a wonderful place to be. People here are very fortunate.
VORIK: I would concur.
He seemed quite patient and empathetic with Neelix, characteristics which many Vulcans tend not to have. Perhaps it's his lack of terseness which is the source of a lot of the criticism of Vorik (I'm ignorant of what the criticisms may be).
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