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Re: What does 'nu' mean?

I'm not happy with anything of the form "[Something]verse." It's too slangy.

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I thought Nu as a prefix started with NuBSG. Am I totally wrong?
Maybe that was the first time it was used for a revival of a television or film franchise, but as stated above, the dictionaries say it originated in the 20th century as a designator for musical genres.

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Could we apply this to the comic/novel/gameverses ?

Off the top of my head there's the 80's novel continuity (either including the Rihannsu or giving it another continuity of its own), the Shatnerverse, the relaunch, various runs of comics, ST Online...

Or is it just too messy ?
The difference there is that all of those (except for the Mirror Universe and Myriad Universes books) are intended to be extensions of the Prime continuity. They differ from one another, but they were all obligated to stay consistent with the onscreen canon as it existed at the time they were made.

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I have to say, the mathematician in me shudder at the original continuity being called the "prime" universe, as in mathematics the prime symbol is used for the derivative of a function. So it should be Trek and Trek' in my book.

I'm weird. I know.
Actually I know what you mean, since I'm from a physics background myself. Remember what I said earlier about how much trouble I've had coming up with a name for my default original-fiction universe? The first name I came up with for it was Future Prime, which was partly because I wanted it to be an optimistic future ("prime" as in choice, ideal) and partly because I wanted it to be a plausible alternative future, so there would be F and F', the real future and the fictional Future Prime. (I gave that up ages ago because it was kind of silly.)

But the mathematical use of "prime" is just one of its meanings. It can also mean the first or predominant example, as in the Prime Meridian, a prime minister, etc. Indeed, the reason we refer to the ' symbol as "prime" is because it was originally the first in a series -- x' was prime, x'' was second, x''' was third, etc.

And at least it's less confused than the pre-Crisis DC Comics notation, where the main DC universe was Earth One but our reality was Earth Prime.

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Everything Roddenberry was involved in -> Star Trek: Roddenberry Years
Everything that has only BnB without Roddenberry Star Trek: Berman Braga Years
From 2009 up to the next big change -> Star Trek: Abrams Years
TOS was run by Roddenberry for its first two seasons and Fred Freiberger for the third. TAS was run by D.C. Fontana, with Roddenberry as an executive producer/consultant. Roddenberry produced TMP, but was only a consultant on the remaining five TOS movies, four of which had Harve Bennett as their principal creator.

Roddenberry co-created TNG with Fontana, David Gerrold, and Bob Justman, though he shut them out from getting proper credit. He was the showrunner for the first season, with Rick Berman starting out in a supporting role and quickly rising to executive producer status. Berman was in overall charge of the franchise from then until the end of ENT, but the showrunners were:

TNG season 2: Maurice Hurley
TNG S3-5: Michael Piller
TNG S6-7: Jeri Taylor
DS9 S1-3ish: Piller
DS9 S3ish-7: Ira Steven Behr
VGR S1, part of S3: Piller & Taylor
VGR S2-4, mostly: Taylor
VGR S5-6: Brannon Braga
VGR S7: Kenneth Biller
ENT S1-3: Berman & Braga (for the first time, Berman became regularly involved as a writer-producer rather than a logistical producer)
ENT S4: Manny Coto, nominally under the supervision of Berman & Braga

And the TNG movies were produced by Berman, basically.

And as I've said, I'm looking for a long-term designator for the new universe. We already know that Abrams will not be directing the third movie in that continuity, although he will still be producing. And it's possible that other creators will take over telling stories in that universe after Bad Robot's involvement ends, since after all Paramount & CBS own it.

So it doesn't work to name any of the eras after a single creator or pair of creators. It's a gross oversimplification when applied to any era of Prime Trek, and it probably won't work in the long term for Abrams/Second Universe/whatever Trek. This is the whole reason I want a name other than "Abramsverse" -- because Trek overall is far too much a shared universe and a collaborative creation to link it to a single name.
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