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Re: Idris Elba's Speech In Pacific Rim

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Just had a thought. All the pre-release material makes a big deal of how it takes 2 people to pilot the mechs. Anyone think in the final battle someone will transcend that limitation and proceed to kick ass? Or will it be a case of finally getting they're teamwork in sync and kicking ass?
More likely the latter. The screenwriter has said in interviews that the mental link between the two pilots is the heart of the story, the idea that made it worth telling in the first place. It's not just a story about robots fighting monsters; at its core it's a story about the Jaeger pilots and the bond they develop. So I really doubt they'd throw that out the window in the climax. Indeed, it looks to me like it's going to be the kind of story where the two leads are polar opposites and need to overcome their differences in order to become a successful team.
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