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Re: Did Klingon culture become too stereotyped by the end of DS9?

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I think their armour speaks quite a lot about their culture, and how rational it is.
Especially when you take into account that their armor seem to be purely ornamental, it doesn't protect against phaser/distuptor fire (which would make the wearing of it sensible). It couldn't even stop a medium sized knife in the hand of a old woman.

All for show.

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Human - 1
Klingon - 2x the strength of an adult human
I would disagree. If anything Klingon strength is below the Human average, not above.

I would place them at something like 0.9 of Human. Worf would appear to be stronger than most Klingon, this might be from a more intense work out routine.

Klingons are inconsistent, like Romulans. Kruge picked Kirk up by the neck in TSFS, yet a pregnant Kira can throw Klingon warriors around like rag dolls. And, similarly, how many times did Romulans get pwned by Starfleet Fu, yet it wasn't until Star Trek 2009 that it was finally confirmed that they have Vulcan level strength?

I think for Klingons the best we can actually say is Klingons are just have a tougher hide and physiology, but are around the mid to upper limits of human level strength. Unlike Vulcans, Klingons have not really shown strength levels that were impossible for humans.
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