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Re: Will we ever see proper Trek races?

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JJ Abrams has this annoying habit of tweaking the appearance of major Trek aliens. When I first saw the Romulans in Trek 09 I kept asking myself 'they're Romulans?'. Then in STID they did the same thing with the Klingons and only now did I realise what they had done; they removed both species hair.

I shudder to think what the Cardassians will look like if they are included in a new Trek movie...
The new look Romulans didn't bother me that much, the tattoos and head shaving ties in with the fact they are more like pirates that anything else (though it's odd that TNG-era Prime Universe Romulans have gone back to have a smooth forehead). The Klingon did bother me, I mean what's with all the crest bling? Hugely impractical when in combat. Again being bald doesn't bother me, General Chang was almost completely hairless.
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