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Re: TOS Enterprise Interiors -- Unreal 3 Engine

@ 137th Gebirg

Interesting link. The one thing I have doubts about are the four stripes and its variations (where's a psychologist when you need one? ). I can instantly and subconsciously make a distinction between 1, 1 and a half, 2, 2 and a half and three braids. More than three braids, I have to start counting to make sure I make the proper distinction between 3 or 4. Would this make sense from a practical point of view?

And the braids of the fleet admiral from the link really go down. Is there a lower limit of braids or a sleeve "level" from where you go up (but not down)?

Too bad, that we don't know how simple or not people like Bob Justman (he's probably responsible for Fitzpatrick's admiral stripes) wanted this to be.

I found interesting what Wikipedia had on the rank of Commodore and naval ranks in general (looks like "Commodore" and "Rear Admiral" are one and the same?)


P.S. Look at Fitzpatrick's left sleeve!!! Is that just a reflection or one (or two) "vertical" braids within the Commodore braid?!?!
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