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Re: "Amazing Spider-man 2" discussion

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SONY won't be pleased when they hear this!
Maybe that's what Marc meant by divering from canon

-Aside from Webb saying it honors cannon and diverges from it in parts, he also says there are many beautiful, earth-shattering and thrilling moments in the movie that he just wants the audience to experience for themselves and he's confident in what they have

More from the EW issue

-Andrew said the script brought tears to his eyes because it has the perfect balance of Peter's heart and Spidey's jokes and trickster quality and he feels like if the flick fails it will truly be all on him

-Marc Webb is happy to be done with the origin story and is excited to bring something to the audience they've truly never seen before.

-Avi says they changed the costume because honestly, they listened to the fans. The iPad version of the magazine explains all of the changes and says that Peter can change what music he's listening to in costume through his web shooters

-They decided to take MJ out because there was just too much story and they wanted to give it room to breathe

-They do talk about one scene where Peter and Gwen are having a bit of an argument because he has to go do his hero thing and she wants to come with him so after having a witty back and forth, he finally just webs her to a car and goes to handle his business

Easily the best live action costume of Spidey yet.

I'm a bit conflicted on this issue. On one hand the decision turned out perfectly. On the other i'm dissapointed that fans had the final word.
The Spider-man movies in the past have reeked of studio and fan interference since the first movie
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