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Re: Star Trek III - The [Speculation Begins] (Spoilers)

^^^ Agreed. It is also entirely possible, and could be argued, that Trek has had many gay characters over the years - just that nobody has ever felt the need to draw attention to it, as that particular demographic has been seamlessly interwoven into Federation society along with all other races, faiths and gender types, as well it should be.

It's clearly no longer a "thing" to talk about in the 23rd/24th Centuries. It would only be a "thing" to needlessly (and anachronistically) placate some members of a 21st century audience what the rest of us already know - that the Federation is a truly identity-blind society and accepts all for who they are without standing up on a bully pulpit and crowing to themselves how evolved, accepting and tolerant they have become (Picard's various self-aggrandizing lectures notwithstanding).
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