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Re: Will we ever see proper Trek races?

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JJ Abrams has this annoying habit of tweaking the appearance of major Trek aliens.
Huh? Have you compared the Klingons of TOS, TMP, ST III, ST V & VI and TNG?

Have you compared the Andorians of TOS, TAS, TMP, ST IV, TNG and ENT?

Have you compared the Orions of TOS and TAS?

Have you compared the Tiburonians of TOS and DS9?

Have you compared the Trill of TNG and DS9?

Have you compared the Romulans of TOS with TNG, which included changes then ignored by ST V?

Makeup artists like to design new aliens, not just copy old designs created by others. They also like to use new materials that weren't available when those aliens were first created.

Like it's just JJ's "annoying habit"? His makeup artists have slightly changed two alien makeups so far. Or at least offered us something different.

Have you compared the amazing physical differences between human clines lately?
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