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Re: Favorite Doctor and or Favorite Era

1. Jon Pertwee. This never changes, and never will. The rest has changed slightly in recent years, though.

2. Patrick Troughton / Matt Smith

4. William Hartnell / Peter Davison

6. Eccleston

7. C Baker

8. T Baker

9. McGann

In some foetid dungeon: McCoy

In some deep ocean abyss: Tennant.

As for era... All of Pertwee's run, everything I've seen of Troughton, the pre-Susan's departure of Hartnell, the Pond years with Smith, the Sarah-Jane and Leela years with T Baker (can't stand him but many of my favourite serials are from his era), most of the Davison years... Really, the only periods I simply cannot stand are McCoy and Tennant.
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