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Re: Favorite Doctor and or Favorite Era

Well at the moment mine would probably line up like this, though really it's always somewhat fluid, certainly Tennant Tom and Eccleston could quite easily reaarange themselves in my head if asked the same question next week.

1 Matt Smith
2 Peter Davison
3 Patrick Troughton
4 David Tennant
5 Tom Baker
6 Christopher Eccleston
7 Sylvester McCoy
8 Jon Pertwee
9 William Hartnell
10 Paul McGann
11 Colin Baker

As for favourite eras, I'd go with Davison's. That's not an objective observation, and it is tinged with more than a little nostalgia but it's my era and my Doctor. Other than that I do like Hinchcliffe's time, and for the most part I've enjoyed Moffat's era thus far. Hard to speak of an era I've hated, probably Colin/early McCoy.
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