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Re: Rugby Union 2013 Thread

Thank you, NCC. Much appreciated.

Beale is possibly the best of a so-so bunch around at the moment, but it's a safe bet that McKenzie will go for Cooper, regardless of the fact he's repeatedly been found wanting at international level. McKenzie has indulged Cooper ever since he took over the Queensland gig so he's hardly likely to stop now.

Some of the media reaction here to the coach swap has been beyond pathetic. It's incredible to see some of the maroon-eyed types who played in / gushed over the dreary 10-man Connolly crap era rejoicing at the appointment of McKenzie - a Victorian who played for Randwick, the Sydney club that epitomised the running rugby ethos that has suddenly become "the Queensland way" of playing the game. It would be hilarious if it wasn't so utterly puerile.

It's not exactly likely, I know, but I really hope the Tahs absolutely belt the crap out of Queensland this weekend.
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