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Re: Let's Discuss the Romulan Bird of Prey!

Outpost Two and Three never managed to get off that much
Which is quite unrealistic IMHO, is all. Unless we postulate jamming, or perhaps a constant Romulan campaign of destroying nearby comm relay buoys to create and maintain Starfleet's otherwise exceptional commlag problem. Perhaps that was what the Romulan ship (among dozens of others) was tasked with?

If that's the case, couldn't the Romulans observe the construction of the asteroids as the Starfleet ships coming over to build them probably would not be stealthy. And at that scale, it's like watching what's going on in your own backyard. Plus with 100 years of time on their hands you would think that the Romulans had plenty of time to identify and target the outposts?
But the Feds or Earthlings would know all that, and prepare accordingly. It would be like digging tunnels beneath the Berlin Wall in the 1960s or right against the trenches of the damned Huns or Boches in the 1910s - something militaries and intelligence forces rather routinely engage in. Well worth the effort, and this alone will eventually provide the means.

I tried searching on more info about Remus but there doesn't seem to be much out there except for Nemesis. I guess I'll take a look to see if there is anything that might be of use.
Remus is basically completely forgotten in canon after "Balance of Terror". All we know is that visuals of Romulus never show it nearby in TNG or DS9. Perhaps Romulans wanted the same setup they had enjoyed on Vulcan - a planet with a companion planet that is not a moon, but occasionally pays a very close visit? This would be a smooth way to combine the "Charlie X" insistence that Vulcan has no moon with the visuals of heavenly bodies over Vulcan in TAS and ST:TMP and the depiction of the orbits in ST:NEM.

If they did, what campaigns did the Romulan commander and his buddy go on? He seems to be a seasoned starship commander.
Perhaps he's just a generic military commander instead? The "Roooomans in Spaaaace!" concept would well cater for the idea that naval battles are fought by land warriors who embark on ships as needed.

But if the RNZ was light years across (the big RSE model) then suddenly the outposts would be out of range to hit Romulus.
Nope - because the setup would then imply that the outpost weapons have a range of several light years. Otherwise, they couldn't cover the gaps between adjacent outposts, either.

It's the placement of the outposts on the map that dictates their weapon range, and that scales nicely up and down with the map. The exact nature of the weapons is left as an exercise to the viewer; since these things are a century old, perhaps we're talking about armageddon-level nuclear (or "atomic") missiles?

Was there a second Romulan ship involved?
Apparently not - but our heroes could not know that, and therefore could not use the distance from outpost to outpost as a yardstick for measuring the speed of their opponent.

But 8 couldn't have been the first one to get destroyed because 2 is the first one we're told that they lost contact with.
Unless these outposts maintain stealth and only send out reports on schedule - and 8 wasn't scheduled to report yet.

Romulans might even have found out the schedule and timed their attack that way. For all we know, fifty outposts were leveled in this attack, and Outposts 2, 3 and 4 were the only ones that could not be taken down in optimal schedule, so Starfleet learned of their loss and was able to respond - too late to save the lives of thousands of outpost crew, but swiftly enough to avenge.

I still think that the "small RSE/Single system RSE" has too many problems to be viable. If we expand out the evidence to later TOS episodes it becomes even more problematic.
Agreed - even if we think of ways in which a "small RSE" could become a "large RSE" some time after the episode!

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