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Re: The new Post Your Desktop thread

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Both of those look like fun. I've been spotting quite a few hybrids in various vids I've looked at recently. Or some hybrids and some very weird Frankenstein assemblages where I can't conclusively identify all of the bits involved. Thurston Moore had a couple of funny ones, and someone posted a clip of some L.A. band I wasn't familiar with and I never did figure out what their guy was playing.

(Also: not a hybrid, but you might find this interesting.)
Yep, the Roxy! There are so many signature guitars around these days - and some of the limited run Gibson ones are outrageously priced, too. Funny you should mention Thurston Moore - both he and Lee Ranaldo have their own signature Jazzmasters, as does J. Mascis.
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I had a '73 candy apple Jazzmaster when I was a kid. My dad found it at a garage sale for $50. Obviously the seller had no idea what it was worth.

Unfortunately, our house flooded when I was 13 and the poor thing drowned. The neck warped enough that the intonation on the second octave was more or less crap, and, of course, the electronics were all shot. Ultimately, I replaced the electronics with some cheap third-party stuff, replaced the neck with a regular (Mexican) Jag neck, and gave it to a friend for her birthday.
Jag neck on a Jazzmaster body? Different scale lengths, surely?
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