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Re: Why did Kirk Kill Mitchell?

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Although I'm liking the idea of the Q stepping in. Perhaps they were monitoring the situation and decided to 'allow' Mitchell to be killed, because if he escaped (which he surely would), he could threaten even them.
I think it would have been interesting if it turned out Mitchell gained his powers not through the ion storm (the humans just assumed it was the storm), but it was actually the Q who caused him to gain the power as a test, so that they could gauge humanity and see how much a threat humanity could be to the Q Continuum. I mean if a mere human can take down someone approaching some level of the power of Q, what would the Q think. We already know the Q are billions of years old, so maybe that is why 78 some odd years later, they finally decided to act, and it happened to be as Picard was on his way to Farpoint. Because, when you are billions of years old, 78 years is not that long to wait.
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