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Re: Vorik the Ponfarr Vulcan

When T'Pol was sweating and clawing her way through the corridors in her hormonal imbalance she was all, "fuck me, you know you want to, FUCK ME NOW!!"

Whereas with Vorik we get,

VORIK: I have come to greatly admire not only your impressive technical skills, but also your bravery and sense of moral duty, all excellent qualities in a prospective mate.
VORIK: B'Elanna! You may wish to reconsider. Your choices for a mate are currently limited to seventy three male crew members on this ship, some of whom are already unavailable.
VORIK: I should also remind you that many humanoid species are unable to withstand Klingon mating practices whereas my superior Vulcan strength would make me a very suitable partner.

It's like the Star Trek version of Hot or Not in living colour.

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