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Re: The new Post Your Desktop thread

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It's a Fender Jaguarillo.
Me being me, I had to go right off and search to figure out what kind of guitar that was, rather than simply scrolling down. Not quite a Jaguar, but not a Jazzmaster either, hmmm...
Another popular hybrid is the Telemaster (or Jazzcaster, depending on who you ask). Fender only ever made one run of them as a Custom Shop thing, but a few companies copied the style. Like this. It's also a body option at online guitar builders like Warmoth.
Both of those look like fun. I've been spotting quite a few hybrids in various vids I've looked at recently. Or some hybrids and some very weird Frankenstein assemblages where I can't conclusively identify all of the bits involved. Thurston Moore had a couple of funny ones, and someone posted a clip of some L.A. band I wasn't familiar with and I never did figure out what their guy was playing.

(Also: not a hybrid, but you might find this interesting.)
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