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Re: Episode of the Week: 3x02 "The Ensigns of Command"

I read the full script a couple months back. I felt the episode as aired was much better. The romance did not seem natural at all, given that it's Data. The Sheliak had a generic and forgettable name, Hrathans. "Sheliak", that's a name that's hard to forget.

Most of all though, Data's badass moment isn't quite so badass in the original script.

As aired:
*No dialogue*
*Data jumps out and shoots the guards*
Data: "That was the 'stun' setting ... This is not."
*Data destroys the aqueduct*
Data: "I could reduce this pumping station to a pile of debris, but I trust my point is clear. I am one android with a single weapon..."

In her script:
*Data shoots two guards*
Data: "I hope you were all paying close attention. Because I am one man with a phaser, and you see the result."
Gosheven: "Get him!"
*Data shoots more guards*
Data: "This phaser is set on stun. When the Hrathan arrive there will be hundreds of them, and their setting will be for kill."
*Data destroys the aqueduct*
Data: "Are you still eager to fight?"
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