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Re: Superman II (The Donner Cut)

Adding Brando back into the mix enhances the story greatly.
It sure does. If the film had been entirely the Lester cut but added the Brando scenes, it would work to perfection for me.

Anyway, where the movie thrives is the inclusion of Jor-El and more from Christopher Reeves. I think some of Reeves best acting in these films comes from the Donner Cut. The way he transforms from Clark to Superman with just a look after Lois fires the blank is brilliant. There's a scene later in the Fortress where he looks like Superman but is dressed like a civilian
That's the bit. That's why Reeve got praise from critics; (I was able to find some reviews from the time online) it was his apt differentiation between the bumbling Clark and the supremely confident Kal El. All in his voice, mannerisms, his bearing. All the critics praised him for that. Some compared him to Cary Grant, who could switch on a dime from debonair to bumbling character lacking confidence in his onscreen persona.

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