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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 78; Blind Faith

TFTW, Ln X! And the kind words!

Captioner's note: Triskelion, I'm not sure what kind of drugs you're taking or whether your account has been hijacked by an ad-bot, but whatever you're doing it is working!)

The voices! The voices~!

Jake: You want a light bulb?
Sisko: Zip it.
Jake: Just sayin'. I can go replicate one right now for free.

Quark: Did you hear about the asteroid miner's daughter?
Odo: No. Did she come in on the last shuttle?
Quark: How is it you are still employed?

Kira: So how does your communicator work when you shapeshift?
Odo: Zip it.

Alien: Think we can drill a hole peeping into Dax's shower and blame it on the torpedo?

Quark: Way ahead of you.

O'Brien: Gamera called. He wants his ginormous shell back.
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