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Re: Having a baby on Voyager?

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As combat appears to be one way of ending pon farr and restoring a Vulcan's sanity, I seriously doubt that Vorik would have continued to try to force B'elanna into anything afterwards even if he had won either against her or Paris. With his sanity restored, I'm certain he would have respected her wishes. Perhaps he might have insisted had she been Vulcan, but as she isn't, I can't see him pushing for something she clearly didn't want.

I guess that's why I find it a little harsh when people make him out to be some sort of villian.
I agree with Sadara, he isn't a villian by any means! This is a biological tendency that occurs in ALL Vulcans. Vorik didn't volunteer to act this way. If the option was available to him, he would have asked to leave for Vulcan and settled this properly. While this episode was somewhat unfortunate, it could not have been helped and was resolved without injuries.
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