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Re: Federation vs The Dominiom: The Rematch.

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AllStarEntprise wrote:
Question is, What do you think the Dominion could do differently to win next time? The Dominion had no trouble kicking in the teeth of the Fed., Klingons and Rommies.
You've got to be kidding me. The Dominion lost the war with the Federation, yet they had no trouble beating them? Are you trying to be funny?

I didn't say the Dominion won the war. I said they had no trouble kicking the Federation/Klingon/Romulans teeth in. You can be on the losing side of a fight and or war and still manage to pull out a victory. Everyone knows the Dominion was on the winning side for much of the war. Statistical Probabilities even pointed to an eventual Dominion victory.

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A dominion expeditionary force lost a war against the federation/klingons/romulans.
The full might of the dominion (aka all forces the dominion can afford to send to the alpha/beta quadrants) would have no trouble crushing not only the federation, but the federation/klingons/romulans put together.
Also the Federation did have the Prophets intervene on the behalf of Captain Sisko. Preventing the Dominion fleet of 2,800 ships from entering the Alpha Quadrant, and preventing any other Dominion ships from traveling through the wormhole.

Bring in the full force of the Dominion from the Gamma Quad and take away the Prophets of Bajor regulating the wormhole, and may you have a different outcome of the conflict.
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