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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 78; Blind Faith


Jake: Dad, you told me you had complete faith in me when you asked me to do a profile piece of you for the Federation News Service.

Sisko: That was before I even read it!

Quark: I'm telling you, you'd really make a killing if you charged rent on these cells. Rule of Aquisition #9, Odo, opportunity plus instinct equals profit.

Odo: In that case, Quark, you had better start saving up your Gold Pressed Latinum, considering all the time you spent in here.

Quark: I was just trying to give you some advice, Odo!

Odo: Rule of Acquisition 59, Quark, free advice is seldom cheap.

Kira: This evening is so wonderful, Odo, thank you!

Vic: ♫ ♪With each word your tenderness grows, tearing my fear apart, and that laugh that wrinkles your nose♫ ♪

Kira: Oh, no, he didn't!

Quark: A giant light on a missile fired in space? What is that, so it doesn't get lost? How much did that cost you? See, you have to consider that, I bet I can make non-light up missiles for half the cost.

Worf: Now, if you'll excuse me gentlemen...

Worf Leaves

Bashir: Is it just me, or did Commander Worf keep calling me Wesley? I wonder what he means by that.

O'Brien: It's a term we used on the Enterprise to describe an annoying know-it-all.
"When I reach for the edge of the universe, I do it knowing that along some paths of cosmic discovery, there are times when, at least for now, one must be content to love the questions themselves." --Neil deGrasse Tyson
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