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Re: Just reread Dreadnaught!

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but back then stuff like that just didn't happen in trek lit.
Actually, it did.

"Web of the Romulans" was quite innovative in its day. Probably the first time, IIRC, that 50% of the narrative was coming from the antagonist race.

The ST III novelisation took about one third of the book to get to the adaptation of the script.

Then there was the book-within-a-book concept. "The Final Reflection" did it so well, "Strangers from the Sky" did it too.

"Spock's World" was the first hardcover (excluding the YA "Mission to Horatius") and it sat on science fiction hardcover "new releases" shelves without "Star Trek" on its spine! It also alternated chapters of a 23rd century story with a historical look at ancient Vulcans.

"How Much for Just the Planet?" was a musical comedy, without the sheet music.
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