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Re: Voyager again, for the first time

Excellent show, without the dreaded "reset" button in the end.

Loved the way Janeway & B'Elanna worked together to solve the communication problem between the ships.

Was shocked when Harry was sucked out of the ship and B'Elanna couldn't save him.

Swooned when "perfect Voyager" Janeway told her staff to "Rig another one!" when they brought Kes' magic arm band to let her transverse the rift.

Hit the arm on the sofa when we saw the dead Kes & Samantha Wildman in sickbay and CHEERED when young Harry came in to save the day!

Smiled when "damaged Voyager" Janeway put her arm around her newest crewmember and reassured him that "We're Star Fleet officers, weird is part of the job."
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