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Re: TOS Enterprise Interiors -- Unreal 3 Engine

Donny wrote: View Post
Last shot before bed (I've been working on this all day! So much fun, but so time consuming)

I corrected the color of the tunic and added the Enterprise command patch and captain rank stripes. All other rank stripes have been sculpted, these are just the first ones I've gotten in place.
Looking great, Donny!

I think that to get all the details just right, you might need to tweak the seams a bit. You have the raglan sleeves, but you're missing the gussets down the side of the torso. (There's not just one seam, there are three.) The two panels on either side of the main seam can be removed as need and replaced with larger or smaller panels as needed for an actor's weight changes, without having to re-tailor a whole new tunic.

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