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Is My Catís Food Safe if a Raccoon Got into the Bag?

My garage door was open and a raccoon went in and made a mess of things. We had two bags of IAMS dry cat food in a plastic bin and the raccoon jumped up, knocked it down and ripped the bags. According to my father, who found the mess, the cat food wasn’t thrown around. But, if what my dad says is true, that doesn’t mean that the raccoon didn’t stick his nose or paw into the bags and spread his nasty germs around.

What do I do now? Iams cat food is expensive, but I don’t want my cats to get sick. Should I risk it and give them the potentially raccoon-yuckified IAMS cat food or throw the food away and buy some new food? We just bought a new bag of cat food the other day. What a waste of $10!!!!
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