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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 78; Blind Faith

SISKO: Aww, that's so adorable, you wrote yourself an article. Did you do it all by yourself?
JAKE: Yes!
SISKO: I'm putting this up on the replicator.

QUARK: You know if you didn't arrest me so much you might actually catch me on something actually worth prosecuting me for.

KIRA: I can't believe this Terran 20th century retro phase has lasted twelve years.
ODO: I know, it's like all humans ever refer to is popular entertainment from between 1950 and 1990. It's getting kind of annoying.
KIRA: I like their 22nd century entertainment a lot better but you never hear about it.

QUARK: So to answer your question, inter-species mating is kind of like that.

WORF: If Federation officers have no salary, how can you afford to spend all your time at a Ferengi bar?
BASHIR: Oh, we don't pay. The senior staff has an arrangement with Quark, why do you think he gets away with everything?
O'BRIEN: Don't tell anyone.
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