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Re: July Art Challenge: The Unthinkable!

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^^^ When I refer to point defense phasers, I'm not referring to a different kind of phaser emitter, but rather a different application of the existing phaser system, using limited, short-burst phaser shots against numerous small targets. This is exactly what the Enterprise-D used against the Lysians in the episode "Conundrum". There is precedence for this. There is also precedence for cluster photon torpedoes that could be used as an effective anti-spacecraft weapon during an approaching swarm.

I don't care how many forward-facing turbo laser batteries (emphasis on lasers, BtW) a SD has. Once their TIE pickets are wiped out, beaming a single magnetic bottle containing a spoonful of antimatter in the SD's main engine core will make short work of it.
And transporter beams got scrambled and intercepted constantly, throughout every trek series. What makes you think imperials can't figure out how to do it too?
"Understand, Commander: That torpedo did not self-destruct. You heard it hit the hull, and I was never here."

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