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Re: Mulgrew so awful to Jeri Ryan she had to date Braga for protection

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I added that on just as a kind of joke because it's known to a lot of fans that Kate Mulgrew has stated numerous times that she is a Democrat (and I think she married one? I think her husband is a Democrat.).
Yes she married a democrat politician who is now her ex-husband. There is a new man now, I saw a photo of him.. but I've erased it from my memory.

Kate has been very openly pro democrat.

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Kes is not hot, was never hot, could never be hot. She went from being like some Happy Days girl in a poodle skirt to looking like a jaded PTA mom and there was no hotness in between. And yes I believe there are hot versions of both the poodle skirt and the PTA mom but Kes was not one of them. Ever.

Every single person on that ship including Neelix was hotter than Kes.

Uhhh, she's not exactly my type, but I gotta say that Kes in Warlord was hotter than Neelix on his best day.
And I should have added, "except in Warlord where she was absolutely wonderfully hot and I wish they had just left her like that forever".


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