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Re: Orson Scott Card "Please don't boycott my film!"

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You contradicted yourself. I don't think people should be allowed to protest a funeral and need to be legally stopped from doing so, then you attack liberals because you think they want to protect people from opinions they don't like.
Nope, I made it clear that if people were at a funeral shouting absolutely incomprehensible monkey jibberish next to the family then it'd still be wrong. The offensive opinion isn't what bothers me, it's people breaching other individuals' privacy and space, when they're unwanted.
Well, they aren't next to the family. Usually they're across the street. Also that's still allowed in America. You can be a total ass here. The only times you see the families of the people they protest is when they confront them. The Phelps are smart, they want you to come to them and attack them so they can sue you. Most of them are lawyers and they get a lot of money from it. They never seek people out and get right into their faces.

They're the ultimate test to free speech, but as long as they're allowed to do what they do, no one else is in danger of losing theirs. That's why we can't stop them, because then we may decide to limit some other group. It's a slippery slope argument to some degree I admit, but we can't call it free speech if we don't include all speech.
Popular speech doesn't need protecting.
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