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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 78; Blind Faith

Thanks for the win!

Sisko: You quoted me as saying I wanted war with the Dominion.
Jake: First rule of journalism, the headline gets you noticed, not the story.
Sisko: You quoted me as saying Kai Winn is a bitch.
Jake: You really did say that, dad.

Quark: Odo, I'm getting sick of this fascist crap. As many times as I've been in here, you've never once gotten me a lawyer!

Kira: What's this place called?
Odo: Las Vegas. I never pictured a Bajoran resistance fighter and a Founder exile spending their time here.
Vic: The West rules the universe!

Hanok: I feel bad. I sold the Jem'Hadar this armor piercing warhead that was supposed to explode on impact.
Quark: I feel bad too, I sold the Federation this ablative armor that was supposed to keep it from doing that.

Bashir: Strategic Operations officer?
O'Brien: What's that even supposed to do?
Worf: Boost your ratings.
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