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Re: League of Extraordinary Gentlemen gets pilot order at Fox

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Is it me or is Summer Glau cursed. Every show she's be on has been cancelled.
The problem with this idea is the same as the problem with the idea that FOX is some kind of showkiller: namely, they're both based on the assumption that a show getting cancelled is somehow unusual. The fact is, most shows get cancelled young. Renewal is the exception, not the rule. Television is like those nature shows where you see a whole litter of dozens of animal babies being born and they struggle to survive to adulthood but most of them get gobbled up or starve or wash away in floods and only a few live long enough to reproduce.

So: given: most shows get cancelled, period. Thus, the more shows you're involved with, the more cancellations you're involved with, inevitably. FOX cancels so many genre shows because it produces so many more genre shows than most networks. Summer Glau has been on so many cancelled shows because she gets hired on so many shows. Any actor who's worked as steadily as she has, who's been in demand as she has, is likely to have been associated with a number of cancelled shows.

(Look at, say, William Shatner. His most successful shows were T.J. Hooker and Boston Legal, both of which ran 5 seasons. He's also known for a little show called Star Trek, which managed a respectable three seasons but still got axed before its time. He had recurring guest roles in the final seasons of three long-running series, Dr. Kildare, Third Rock from the Sun, and The Practice. But he also starred in For the People, Barbary Coast, and $#*! My Dad Says, none of which even made it to 20 episodes, and the animated Star Trek, which got 22 episodes over two seasons. So the majority of the shows that Shatner's been involved with have been cancelled within a year or two of his initial involvement with them.)
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