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Re: Conversation(s) Heard After the Movie [spoilers, maybe]

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Your honesty and integrity are an inspiration to pot smoking teens everywhere, particularly pot smoking teens who prefer a tv series made 35 years before they were born.
Wow, sarcasm much? How is it a stretch to think a 16 to 25 year old could prefer TOS over STD? Wrath of Khan came out before I was born but it's still my favorite Star Trek movie. How does the age of a movie or show diminish the quality of it's writing?

I never even considered that they were talking about 1960's TOS. Most people consider the title Star Trek to encompass all of Star Trek and not just the 3 seasons from 1966 to 1969. His comment about "the show" having better writing could have been about DS9, or even Enterprise (although someone would have to be high to think Enterprise had better writing than STD)

But whatever, I don't care. If I had overheard a positive conversation after Star Trek into Darkness I would have written about that, but I didn't. Not even a: "wasn't it cool when that guy did that thing and was all like arghh?" Like what one usually overhears after a big action movie. Instead all I heard was "the special effects were good." That's praise I guess.

However, before the movie, while I was in line to get my ticket, there was a couple of 20 somethings in front of me. The guy suggested that they see STD. The girl said "Star Trek's gay." So they got two tickets for Fast and the Furious.
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