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Re: Mulgrew so awful to Jeri Ryan she had to date Braga for protection

teacake wrote: View Post
Kes is not hot, was never hot, could never be hot. She went from being like some Happy Days girl in a poodle skirt to looking like a jaded PTA mom and there was no hotness in between. And yes I believe there are hot versions of both the poodle skirt and the PTA mom but Kes was not one of them. Ever.

Every single person on that ship including Neelix was hotter than Kes.

Uhhh, she's not exactly my type, but I gotta say that Kes in Warlord was hotter than Neelix on his best day.

Dream wrote: View Post
Also thought racial issues for some reason would still be important in the future, so we got the bizarre "Far Beyond the Stars" and holodeck episode where Sisko complains about how blacks were treated in the past..
Maybe they're "not" important issues in the future, but they are important to us today. I can imagine that even in the 24th century, a thoughtful man or woman could look back and wonder about the struggles their race or sex endured to get them where they are "in the future".

That's what Alex Haley did many years ago and Le Var Burton got his first acting job because of it.

Captain Kathryn wrote: View Post
Also I am not a Republican, so we differ in that respect too. :P
Just because her EX husband was a Republican, doesn't mean that Jeri is one. Back in 20th century America it was possible to marry outside one's political party.

Even if she is of a different political party from Kate, that is certainly no reason to be treated with disrespect either on the set, or off.

Speaking of respect, I was very pleased a few years ago when at one (Canadian?) con on youtube, Kate basically did a mea culpa on her attitude towards Jeri on the Voyager set.

IIRC, Kate did explain her many reasons for disliking the perception raised by the switch from Kes to Seven, but she seemed to apologize for taking her frustrations out on an "innocent". It wasn't Jeri's fault Jen was jettisoned and TPTB decided to go in a new direction. Jeri just won the audition sweepstakes. (Don't know who else was in the running besides Jeri and Hudson Leick who portrayed not only Callisto, but also the main character for one episode in Xena:WP)

Oh, and to end on a TNG note... Gates McFadden leaving was bogus and related to her interactions with (one?) staff member. Once he left, she was free to return, and as much as I liked Pulaski, I was glad to see Crusher back on the Enterprise. If it was Patrick Stewart and the TNG fans that made it happen, then all power to them!
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