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Re: Superman II (The Donner Cut)

Thanks for understanding!

I should also clarify that, while I have always considered the Lester Cut the real sequel, and a good blending (whether intentional or not) of both the styles of Lester and Donner while continuing the tone of the last act (the more comic book-flavored tone) of the first film, I do not think the Lester Cut is anywhere near perfect. There are many scenes, moments, etc, that cause me to cringe. But there are such moments in the first film. I do think more attention could be paid to certain moments. For example, the idea of starting the film with a Paris hostage crisis was a good idea, it gave Superman something different to do. However, I do think that this portion of the film needed more octane, or excitement, or something.

And, in my continuing need to understand the film-making process, having the Donner cut out there is also a good thing.. an interesting "what-if" and an insight on how this creative process works,. The problem is I can't separate the cut from Donner's commentary of it (and to me, it is relevant that it was never considered by him to be a complete film in and of itself, so his commentary actually holds more weight in considering the cut than most director commentaries) and now I can't separate TDC from his words, his attitude, and everything else.

I'd rather watch the Lester Cut and keep my memories intact. It's still a fun movie!
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