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Re: You think AIDS will be cured and why is HIV/AIDS so high in the US

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Will there be a cure? No way. Companies make a ton of money selling you pills to keep you barely alive, with a cure that goes away.
I've heard that from a number of people, and it really annoys me. It's just wrong and nothing but cynicism taken to the extreme. In order for it to be right, every pharmaceutical company and every researcher has to be working together as part of the same organization, and not in competition with each other. That's absolutely not the case. If you owned a pharmaceutical company and your competitor made a lot of money selling drugs to treat HIV, but you didn't have any such drugs, wouldn't you want to develop a cure for it? Your cure would be worth a lot more than the other guy's treatment and you having a cure to sell could put your competitor out of business while making you rich. You bet your ass you would be working on a cure. Furthermore, most of the research going on is being done by university researchers who aren't affiliated with any pharmaceutical company at all and who get no money at all from sales of HIV treatments. Their funding, for the most part, comes from the NIH. Any of those researchers would gain a lot of prestige, certainly some big prizes, perhaps even a Nobel prize, almost guaranteed funding for the rest of their career, and have a guaranteed job for life if they found a cure. They have nothing to gain from preventing development of a cure and a lot to gain by finding one.
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