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Re: Scotty and his military comment

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This, again, is the assumption that the Federation even HAS a military. They very well may not; it would just be another in a list of things they inexplicably do not have (the others being money, poverty, corruption, and journalists).
Problem is that they do have money (mentioned quite a bit), they do have poverty (Tasha Yar's colony), they do have corruption (see Ensign Ro) and they would have to have journalists if there's a Federation News Service.
Partially true:

They have "credits" as an avatar for money, though they continue to claim "money doesn't exist."
They have places like Turkana IV and the DMZ colonies that remain poor because they have intentionally isolated themselves from the rest of the Federation.
They have various officers with their own secret agendas and schemes (also The Pegasus, the Omega Glory, Too Short a Season).
They have the Federation News Service which lacks either journalists or a mass media outreach to Federation citizens and has a low enough profile that nobody but Jake Sisko ever mentions them; it might as well be a glorified blog.

IOW, all the things they lack, they have "kinda-but-not-really" substitutes for them. As they do with Starfleet, which lacks the legal mandate and defense priorities of a military but is nevertheless required to act as one in an emergency.

Make of that what you will; maybe the definition was purely mandated by the Federation charter which calls for the creation of a society in which its citizens can say with a straight face "We don't use money, none of us live in poverty, and we have no military."
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