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Re: What does 'nu' mean?

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I've seen that abbreviation suggested, but what's the full term it's shorthand for?
Well, works as a shorthand for "Alternate reality", which is the name used in the script by Uhura. Alt-universe, Alt-Kirk, Alt-Spock, USS Alterprise...
It was a rhetorical question, leading into my subsequent point that "alternate reality" is too generic to work in the long term, given that there will likely be other alternate Trek realities one day. (And already are -- the Mirror Universe, the "Yesteryear" universe, the "Parallels" universes, etc.)
I understand your point, but in the end it's just a convention. Even if there are other "alternate realities" in Trek, if the shorthand "ALT universe" sticks, it will be good as any. There are half a dozen ships called Enterprise in Trek, but when you say ENT, you know what you mean.

I'll let future people decide how they will call their next alternate reality. I'll probably be the grumpy old man who grumbles how it isn't good as the first alternate reality.
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