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Re: Wesley Crusher reviews Star Trek Into Darkness

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If it can survive in space why not underwater? I just don't get this objection other than people just do not like seeing the ship underwater for whatever reason.
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Yup- and there is a precedent. Voyager went through fluidic space!

I don't get why people had a problem with the big-E under water either. They couldn't beam through the atmosphere, so they went through the atmosphere to the middle of the ocean (where no one would see them) and then moved a bit closer to the land masses.

I don't understand this either. My Star Trek Micro Machines survived many a mission in the bathtub without any sort of damage.
Also, The Original 1701 flew through the cytoplasm (or is it protoplasm) of a giant space aomeba....
Readings coming in now, Captain.
Length -- approximately 11,000 miles.
Width -- varying from 2,000 to 3,000 miles.
Outer layer studded with space debris and
waste. Interior consists of ... protoplasm,
varying from a firmer gelatinous layer to a
semifluid central mass. Condition ... living.
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