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Definitely Herbert. Maybe.
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Re: what do people want star trek 3 to be like

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If the sequel is AIDS, what does that make STID, Ebola?
AIDS isn't very funny. Ebola is not funny at all.
I agree, AIDS is not funny and should not be joked about. I had a family member die of it and let me tell you, what it does to the human body..because it becomes part of the body's genetic dna makeup so imagine...(shudder)
All viruses work that way, including chicken pox and the common cold.

But we're getting off topic.
The motto of the Corbettite Order seems to be Ite Animose... a Latin phrase that can be translated as "go courageously." Alternatively, it can be rendered as "boldly go," which bears a striking resemblance to a phrase heard during the opening credits of a certain popular television series.
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