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Re: Why The Hate For Superman Returns?

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1. Wayyyyyyy too much pining over Lois. I felt like I spend 2hr+ watching Superman pout that he doesn't have Lois Lane anymore.
I won't deny the SR Superman is poutier than most, but he's hardly pining after Lois for the entire movie. Once they finally have their conversation on the roof, he clearly takes a step back and spends the rest of the movie fighting crime and stopping Luthor instead.

Superman and Lois only interact again briefly after he's rescued from the water, and then at the very end as he's flying away.

2. He gets brutally beaten by a bunch of low pay thugs, and there is no payback. What little "payback" there is, is completely unsatisfying.
Yeah I agree that was deeply unsatisfying. That beating scene is one of the darkest and ugliest moments in any superhero movie, so it's frustrating that we never get to see Superman confront them again.
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