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I actually re-read Over A Torrent Sea last week, and although I like it, the science was getting in the way for me in that one. Usually, I love how Christopher is able to blend science and fiction so well together, but in this one, it really was a bit to much for me.
That's actually why I loved it, I think.

What I wouldn't give for a Trek book that's entirely sciencey, with little drama or conflict to get in the way of it. It'd never happen, and I wouldn't want EVERY Trek book to be like that, but one or two? Heck yeah.

As do I, like I said. I love the perfect blend between science and fiction in Christopher's work. But, for me personally, it was a bit to heavy towards the science in OATS. Then again, oceanography doesn't really appeal to me at all, so that could have left me biased. But I loved the science in GTTS for example, or in The Buried Age.
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