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Do you not agree that TNG and DS9 improved after their initial seasons? Or even VOY? (which I think marginally improved with each season, until the last two seasons when I think it really blossomed)
That's a known fact about most TV shows in general, not just Star Trek. Shows are almost always better once the characters and plot are developed. That's usually a given.
I know this is off topic, and if you want to PM me to continue the discussion, feel free, but I can think of two examples where the first season is better than the third, and those are Sliders and SeaQuest, so I would disagree that it's a hard and fast rule.
Sliders was one of those shows that seemed to get worse as time went on. The rot really began to set in once they got rid of the Prof, and the final nail was Quinn leaving it could never recover from that.
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