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Re: Orson Scott Card "Please don't boycott my film!"

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Wow, what a thoughtful contribution to the discussion.

everyone as an opinion and an ass and both of them can stink

reading this reminded me of something if recall- after TNG -The Outcast came out ( no pun intended) there was an article in magizine that said (bear with me) that Gene was not really a gay rights fan -anyone know the article I am thhinking of?
I never saw that article. I do remember though an article leading into season 5 of TNG when Gene or somebody else talked about how the series would go further that season to show gay crew on board the ship. The idea was that there would be same-sex couples in the corridors or in Ten Forward just going about their daily lives. That, sadly, never came to pass.
I recall reading that someone pitched an idea to Gene that dealt with same sex realtionship not a main issue just a side note in a story - Gene said fine with me if so and so likes it - the person then went to see the decsion maker who was on the phone with gene and and they said Gene said I didn't want to do this- I don't lie for anyone...can nayone back me on up this either a Starlog, or Next gen magize article...
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