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Re: Orson Scott Card "Please don't boycott my film!"

DalekJim wrote: View Post
If people try to picket a funeral or whatever then they should be legally stopped, but that's really nothing to do with the opinion expressed. That's just a violation of people's right not to be harassed. I'd expect the same if a crowd of people arrived at a funeral holding signs with Jason David Frank's face on them and singing the Power Rangers theme tune.

I don't think we should really have laws specifically stopping people from saying certain things. I don't think that's any of the government's business.

In life you are going to come across ideas you disagree with or that make you angry but that's just how reality is. Liberals shouldn't expect the government to always cushion them from it, it just makes them more sensitive and is counter-productive.
You contradicted yourself. I don't think people should be allowed to protest a funeral and need to be legally stopped from doing so, then you attack liberals because you think they want to protect people from opinions they don't like.

Protesting a funeral is the actions of a scumbag, but even scum has a right to free speech in America. They're also openly hated by pretty much everyone in the country. Is it right to protest a funeral, I don't think so. But I cannot deny someone's right to say something. Especially on public land, which is what they do. They'd quickly get tossed out of private land and rightly so. That's how free speech works, it protects all speech not just popular speech. I don't know why you keep claiming that liberals are trying to silence opinions when all that is being said that some people refuse to see a movie because of the actions of the man who wrote the novel it is based on. That isn't censorship, that's capitalism. If you don't like a product for some reason, don't buy it. No one here has said that Card shouldn't be allowed to say whatever he wants or write whatever he wants. Just that they don't want him to get their money. Other people, like yourself, are free to do so if you wish. The movie may succeed and it may fail. Card will likely have little effect on the actual box office returns, so the movie will stand or fall on its own merits. But if a few don't want to see it because of what Card said, he has only himself to blame.
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