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Re: STID "tracking" for $85-90 million opening [U.S. box office]

I don't see this film as any worse than TWOK.

It shares a wonderful common thread with TWOK - friendship, family, sacrifice.

And it's action-packed - something many wished TOS movies could have been, and should have been, but Paramount never spent SW $$$ on Trek's budget.

It's a story about TOS characters as younger versions - Say what you will about the TOS movies, I wasn't too keen on my heroes going through mid-life crises while I was in my teens. (Ironically I'm at mid-life enjoying my heroes in their youth now!)

I'd say the only thing TWOK has going for it are the original cast, and rose-colored feelings of nostalgia. No one is arguing TWOK's longevity and cultural impact ("KHAAAANNN!!!!). I'm just saying, personally, strip away the good feelings and memories and they are about dead even.

And, I'd dare say, STiD may be a little bit better... All IMO of course.
Now that I've seen it, and have also had time to mellow, to really think about it, I now find it absolutely, unbearably repulsive in every way except for some of the acting. - about The Wrath of Khan. Interstat, Issue 62: 1982
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